Visual Information Processing

Much of what a child learns is through their eyes. Visual information from their surroundings is processed all the time. As important as it is that a child sees well, vision is also about integrating their vision with their other skills. 

If your child reads backwards, if they lose their place when reading, if they are slow to write, have poor memory, can’t spell well or if they are not performing to their year level, these may be signs that are related to a visual problem.

While vision problems do not cause learning difficulties, poor visual skills can interfere with the process and can impede efforts at correcting the issues. 

Visual information related behavioural exercises

We can perform visual information processing tests to assess for the visual skills of your child. 

An assessment takes approximately 1 hr and involves assessing the following areas:

  • Tracking – to determine if accurate eye movements are made when following targets
  • Laterality/Directionality – the ability to interpret information about direction as it relates to yourself and the world
  • Visual Analysis – the ability to ‘pull apart’ information from the environment
  • Visual Motor Skills – how vision is used to guide fine hand movements
  • Sequencing – the ability to appropriately arrange objects, sounds and words in order and in the correct sequence
  • Visual Memory – the ability to recall visual information in the short and long term.

If an area of weakness is detected, we can provide vision therapy, a specific program of related behavioural exercises, to support your child to assist their learning and help improve their academic progress.

Our goal is to optimize your child’s entire visual system, including their eyes and areas of their brain that control vision, visual perception and other vision-related functions.

What a child sees is important, but it is equally important to know how they can see. 

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