The Eye & I Ortho-K Difference

Ortho-K is advance corneal reshaping technology that allows you to see clearly with your natural vision throughout the day. It is a safe and reversible procedure that is suitable for both adults and children.

The benefits are clear natural vision for all Ortho-K wearers with the additional benefit in children of slowing down or possibly stopping altogether the deterioration of their myopia.

Ortho-K can be very fast and effective treatment.

Peace of Mind

At Eye & I, we appreciate that everyone is different and that no two people are the same.

We will give you realistic advice on your suitability for Ortho-K.

Ortho-K has a high success rate, but it may not be successful for everyone. The success of these lenses can only be known over time and measured against your own expectations.

For your assurance and peace of mind, if Ortho-K does not work for you within the first 3 months of wear, we will refund your consultation fees, regardless of how many consultations have been provided.

Comprehensive Service

Rest assured that we will provide you with everything you need to enjoy wearing your Ortho-K lenses.

With state-of-the-art precise corneal mapping and using advance Ortho-K lens designs and materials, this will help ensure a successful fit for you.

We will provide you with as many appointments as you need, without additional charges. You can also have peace of mind knowing that you can contact us after-hours for any questions you may have, including video-calls when needed.

Effective Ortho-K Myopia Monitoring for Children

We take the time to fully support your child throughout the entire process, so that they can feel confident and independent in their Ortho-K wear.

A major goal for wearing Ortho-K lenses in children is to slow the progression of their myopia, to prevent further stretching of their eyeballs that can lead to other complications.

The ‘gold standard’ for monitoring myopia when wearing Ortho-K lenses is to measure your child’s axial length, a measure of the actual length of their eyeball.

At Eye & I, we can do this and even more with our advanced Oculus Myopia Master. 

We can combine your child’s axial length measurements with their expected growth charts to give you a prediction of their future level of myopia. We are one of only a few practices in Victoria with access to this technology.

With this early and precise information, this enables us to personalize your child’s treatment so that we can more effectively manage their myopia treatment options.

You can read more on ‘Myopia Control and Effective Management with Axial Length’ here.

Ortho-K has given our many patients fantastic results.

We think that Ortho-K can change how you see the world.

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